2002 Alumni

Alma Navarrete

2002 ITF Intern, SC Migrant Health Program, Spartanburg, SC
Update from January 2008

After SAF I became a Sophomore where I worked for Boise State Student Modern Languages. Participated in different internships and studied abroad to Puebla, Mexico. My internships included doing legal research at a law firm, La Buena Salud, where I did similar work as in SAF.

Also, the Court Appointed Special Advocate where I worked with foster care children and looked for their best interest and represented them in court. I translated some health pamphlets from English to Spanish. I graduated from Boise State University in May of 2007 with a double major in criminal justice and Spanish. After completing my majors I started working for Target as a team lead and also worked for the Idaho Partnership for the Hispanic health where I got experience on doing field research.  I've been looking into psychology as a possibility for grad school and also to colleges.  SAF influenced me in many ways. First it made me more independent. I lost the fear of being away from my family. I also became more sociable. I remember being very shy back then. It also had a big part of me wanting to go to Mexico to study abroad and learn more about the country in which I was born. I learned that I was good working with people and that should be the career path that I should follow. Most importantly, I value my culture and want to continue helping the Latino population. Something exciting this year was that I became an aunt. I have a niece and her name is Kamila. I also went on a cruise to Mexico for seven days, which was something new for me.

Roberto Maqueda

2002 ITF Intern, Johnston County Migrant Education, Smithfield, NC
Update from December 2009

After my internship was over I moved back to Fresno, CA, and continued going to school for Civil Engineering. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to finish with my degree. I stopped going to school and started working full time. I work for a non-profit organization called Fresno CORAL, "Communities Organizing Resources to Advance Learning." We have after school programs and we also do in-home tutoring.  A new change in my life is that I got married to my beautiful wife Luvi Maqueda this past May. No kids yet but we are already talking about it.  SAF has been a very great experience in my life. I was able to meet great people from different places and different races. I also had the opportunity to work with immigrant families by visiting them at the camps or working with their kids at school.  Being a part of SAF really opened my eyes that there are many injustices still going on in this country and it has made me appreciate even more everything that I have as well as all the people that really care for me. I came from an immigrant family too and I know how hard it is to come to this country and work in the fields and just knowing that I made a difference during my time with SAF in NC was very rewarding.