2006 Alumni

Bart Evans

2006 ITF Documentary Intern and 2010 Program Assistant, Student Action with Farmworkers, Durham NC
Update from June 2013

Although originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I now reside in Los Angeles (by way of North Carolina). I work at the Mar Vista Family Center, as the volunteer coordinator. My experience at SAF however, has given me the tools to assist the organization in a variety of ways beyond volunteering, such as grant writing, program coordination, youth leadership, development, social media and outreach. Not only are these skills always needed in community-based-organizations, but they have also kept me employed as budgets are slimmed down due to the economic times. My experience with my fellow SAFistas and farmworkers in NC forever changed my life, and although I now work with families who, instead of picking tobacco & sweet potatoes, labor in the yards and gardens of Beverly Hills and Malibu, ultimately it is the same story. La lucha sigue & que vivan los SAFistas!

Irving Zavaleta Jimenez

2006 ITF Intern, Greene County Health Clinic, Snow Hill, NC
Update from February 2007

I want to start by saying that it is extremely difficult to be here without y'all. All of y'all have impacted/challenged me a lot. Therefore, I miss you much. Let me update you with what's going on in my life.  Since I started school the next day we finished with SAF, it was kind of difficult to re-adapt to Guilford environment. I wanted to say, “Sí se puede” y “¿Qué queremos?” a lot. I made fun of myself because of this.

During my fall break, I was invited to the Hispanic College Fund Gala in D.C. It was an amazing experience!!! I met really wonderful people (not more than you guys though ;-) ) I went to the white house, entre otros lugares.        

One of my main goals for the fall was to get a Latino club on campus. So I decided to encourage the few Latinos at Guilford to create the now Hispanos Unidos de Guilford (H.U.G) club, isn't that name cute? In H.U.G's first semester, we were able to have wonderful events including the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, Día de los Muertos, and a Hispanic Leaders Panel. So far, I had a great experience with the club; and it has challenged my time management skills since I still coordinate an ESL program at a library. By the way, we (H.U.G) are planning a Cesar Chavez/Farmworkers' week. We are already showing a documentary on Cesar Chavez’s life, but do you have any other suggestions? Comments? Ideas?  I hope that all of you have a great year.