25 years of working with young activists to improve farmworker lives

25 Years of Growing Farmworker Activists looks like this:

  • Over 100,000 farmworkers and their family members have gained access to health, legal, and education resources provided by SAF interns and fellows in the Carolinas
  • Nearly 1000 college students from universities across the country and youth in NC have learned about farmworker rights and advocated for farmworker justice as a result of SAF leadership programs
  • More than 150 community organizations and university groups have partnered with SAF on critical issues such as migrant housing reform and access to higher education for immigrant students
  • Thousands of individuals are more aware of farmworker issues and more empowered to take action because of SAF's community engagement work, including National Farmworker Awareness Week
  • Farmworkers live and work under more dignified conditions because of SAF’s successful advocacy in support of migrant housing and pesticide reform and solidarity with farm labor organizing groups that have won contracts yielding higher wages, grievance procedures, and human rights on the job

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