Documentary Projects

Documentary Projects

"The heat of the packing house was worse than the heat from outside. There was no ventilation and people did not have enough time to drink water. The speed of the line made Martha, and everyone else, dizzy and the smell of bleached tomatoes worried her."

-2010 documentary project by Eva Lamas and Jelissa Suarez


2016 Memories and Dreams | Recuerdos y Sueños



2015 I Am, I See, I Think, I Wonder | Yo Soy, Yo Veo, Yo Pienso, Yo Me Pregunto

2014 Community Between Borders |
Communidad entre fronteras


2013 Community | Comunidad



2012 Faces of Farmwork | Rostros de la agricultura

2011  Laborlore | Tradiciones de la labor


2010  To Work | Trabajar



2009  A Distant Home | Un Hogar Lejano



2008  Nuestras Historias | Nuestros Sueños



2007  Journeys | Viajes



2007  Landscape of Stories | Paisaje de historias



2006  Voices from the Fields | Voces de los campos




2005  Reflections | Reflexiones



2002  My Home | Mi Hogar



2001  Recollections of Home/Recuerdos De Mi Terra