Pre-SAF Alumni

Eric Martin

1991 Pre-SAF Alumni
Update from June 2007

My new novel, The Virgin's Guide to Mexico, is in stores, libraries, and basically lying around in easy reach.  It's the best thing I've ever written, and I hope you'll read it and tell your friends, enemies, and parole officers about it.  If you can find a few hours – it's a quick read – I will supply the wild pigs, border brothels, rock n' roll markets of Mexico City, near drownings in luxury hotels, lost cities in the sewers, small town fiestas, and a family triangle spinning like a throwing star through the best, worst, and mindblowingest of Mexico.

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Jeff Whetstone

1990 Pre-SAF Alumni
Update from March 2011

Jeff Whetstone has been photographing the complicated and evolving relationship between humans and nature since his days as an undergraduate at Duke University. He's spent time in the tobacco fields of North Carolina and in the caves of his native eastern Tennessee. Whetstone’s artwork has won many prestigious awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, and is exhibited around the world. When he's not in the field taking pictures or in the dark room printing, Whetstone teaches art and photography at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  To hear him on The State of Things talking about photography, nature, humanity and his pre-SAF internship, click here. To see his work click here.

John Moses

1976 Pre-SAF Alumni
Update from December 2011

John Moses is a primary care pediatrician and a documentary photographer based at Duke University. He has been using documentary photography to explore the intersection of social and medical issues for the last fifteen years. In the video below, Dr. Moses shares his photographs of adolescent parents in North Carolina (published in the book The Youngest Parents); portraits of pioneering primary care physicians (published in Big Doctoring in America: Profiles in Primary Care); and a current series of portraits of young gun crime victims. Dr. Moses teaches two courses at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies: “Medicine and the Vision of Documentary Photography” and “Children and the Experience of Illness” wherein children with chronic illness are paired up with student mentors and taught how to use a camera as a means of expression. He is currently producing a book that will showcase the photographs of children coping with illness.  You can see the video of his presentation when you click on the link: