SAF Alumni Survey

My participation in SAF pushed me to organize in a place far from home and to make the connection that injustice in North Carolina is intrinsically connected to injustice in my home state of Idaho. Through the SAF program, I began to grow in my leadership skills. SAF understands that building young leaders is the most effective way towards achieving long term positive change.” – Antonio Hernandez, 2009 SAF alum

A big thank you to the alumni who completed our alumni survey last fall. Here is a little of what we heard
about how SAF has impacted our alumni:

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“SAF continues to help me make connections between movements and issues, and build a network of people working together for social change. Not to mention, of course, that my career path post-college has all been because of my SAF internship. I loved working with farmworkers and knew it was important and that I wanted to do more of it after I finished my internship!”
– Anna Jensen, 2007 SAF alum
“SAF empowered me by showing me that I can take action and make a difference. It also let me see that I have an endless network of lawyers, organizers, doctors, teachers...all who contribute a small seed to not only the farmworker movement but to social justice as a whole. That is an amazing feeling.”
– Jasmine Romero, 2013 SAF alum
“Beyond increasing my knowledge of and commitment to farmworker justice, my time with SAF and the people I have met through SAF have helped me to reorient how I view the world, moving my point of view from one of living in the status quo with silent resignation to one where I can see and act upon injustices. Since my SAF experience, I feel that I can more easily approach situations through a justice-centric lens. I know that I have improved the way that I advocate for others, and I attribute this to my time doing the SAF fellowship and my subsequent work with farmworkers.”
– Miranda Schartz, 2014 SAF alum