Speaker request form

SAF provides a number of services for students, people of faith and community members. To best use our limited resources we prioritize these services for colleges and universities in the Carolinas and for faith groups in NC where we have built long-term relationships and can see impact over time. If you fit in one of these target groups, please fill out our speaker request form below so that we can determine if we can do a presentation/ workshop or participate as a panelist for your event. If you do not fit this criteria, please check our list of referrals and resources to lead a workshop of your own.

In order to cover the costs of these services, we request that those benefiting make a tax-deductible contribution to SAF.

Educational Workshop in North Carolina$200 plus travel and per diem
Educational Workshop outside of NC$500 plus travel and per diem
Keynote Speaker$1000 plus travel and per diem
Documentary Photography Licensing$50 fee (digital photography only)
Educational/Organizing Materials$10 plus shipping

SAF does not wish to restrict services from individuals and organizations that are unable to pay the full cost. SAF may reduce or waive fees based on the following criteria:

  • Host is a student club or group that does not have access to university funds
  • Host is an organization with budget of less than $50,000
  • Presentation is a part of a collaborative project with SAF
  • Service is covered by a grant written to support SAF's work

Description of Services

SAF staff and interns give a variety of participatory workshops on topics related to farmworkers that intend to move people to take action. Below is a listing of presentation themes that SAF typically covers. Hosts are encouraged to communicate with SAF staff to set up the right presentation for their particular interest and need.

  • Introduction to Farmworkers (Living and Working Conditions/ Food Justice)
  • Harvest of Dignity campaign (Policy Issues Affecting Farmworkers)
  • Migrant education and in-state tuition campaign
  • Immigration & Farmworkers

SAF makes available images from our extensive archive of documentary photography for educational purposes only. A signed and approved photo release form (provided by SAF) must accompany the use of all SAF images.

SAF ships campaign resources and other materials to individuals and organizations for a minimal fee. Please contact SAF to learn more about materials we carry and their availability.

To request a speaker, please fill out the following form and allow at least one month advance notice. You may also download, print, and mail in our printable form. We will respond to requests within two weeks.

Thank you for your interest in our programs.

Your information
Event Location
Audience Type
Requested Date and Time
(If possible we ask for at least one-month notice for speaker requests. Please list a 2nd or 3rd choice.)
Please complete the following information if you would like an invoice for the honorarium. SAF representatives (staff, board, and alumni) do workshops on behalf of SAF. Checks for payment should be made out to SAF. For your reference, our Tax ID number is 56-1789014.