Watch new documentary by Petrow-Freeman Award Winner Tony Macias

Tony Macias received the 2011 Petrow-Freeman Documentary Award. A SAF Into the Fields intern in 1998, Tony worked for SC Migrant Health in Columbia, SC. After his internship, Tony joined the SAF staff as the Assistant Director for six years before moving to Oaxaca, Mexico to work with Witness for Peace, (go here to learn more about WFP's important work).

Retorno 360 tells the story of a Oaxacan migrant, Inocencio Melchor Hernandez, and the family he left behind. As he searched for new experiences and economic opportunity in the U.S. over nearly 20 years, his wife and children made life work back in their small town. Like many trials, the many years they spent apart had positive and negative consequences: grief, loss, and anger coexist with the self-assuredness and pride that come from having overcome many challenges. Now that seven years have gone by since he returned, this is also a story of reconciliation.

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