What We're Working On

  • Solidaridad interns have been facilitating workshops on farmworkers, popular theater, and anti-racism; planning a Día de los Muertos event; and organizing the hurricane relief drive, in which we collected 3 carloads of clothes and blankets so far. Check out a great profile of our Solidaridad intern Daisy Almonte that appeared on WRAL recently. Click here to donate to on-going flood relief efforts for farmworkers in NC
  • The 2016 Sowing Seeds for Change Fellows have wrapped up the program! Their final retreat and celebration took place on October 28 where we were joined by the fellows' families and friends, SAF alumni, staff, and sponsors.
  • SAF staff, interns and alumni are busy presenting to lots of campuses this fall, recruiting for our programs and sharing about farmworker issues.
  • Andreina, Laxmi, and Solidaridad intern Obinna completed a race and racial justice workshop with Levante students. Levante parents participated in a training on the US public education system and parent engagement.

“One thing I learned about today is about how the smallest thing, as your skin color, can affect how people view you and the rights you have as a human. One person that I would talk to about this would be some of my friends. Something I would like to learn about would be how seeing these tragedies affect someone psychologically.”

– Blanca Trejo Muñoz, SAF Levante youth member, reflecting on the racial justice workshop