What We're Working On

  • SAF received a donation of 5,000 lip balm and 4,000 sunscreen from the Burt's Bees Foundation, which we will distribute to farmworkers!

  • Thanks to our 8 fall fundraisers who brought in $13,338 from 222 individuals!

  • SAF staff and students participated in the National DACA Day of Action. Sign the petition to pass the Dream Act here.

  • During our January retreat with Solidaridad interns and Levante youth, we held workshops on public speaking, prepping, applying, and paying for college, women in the farmworker movement, and made posters for the upcoming Moral March on Raleigh.

Here are a few reflections from Levante youth members about the mid-retreat workshops:

"Today was a very educational day. Like, what really got me was that women have felt like they are not seen to what their full potential actually is. They feel that expressing their feelings or opinion is not something society will approve of when they are in the work area." – Andrés Vasquez

"I was quite disappointed over the fact that women get treated this way. Women should have equal opportunities as men and they shouldn't be put down for trying to work and help their families." –Karina Ibarra

"Some injustices are that they get paid less than men, even though they do the same or even more amount of work. 80% of the women who work in the fields get sexually harassed. To stop that they cover their whole bodies." – Carlos Trejo

"SAF for me is a safe space where I can share anything and not be scared of others." – Blanca Trejo

"We got to sit down with members from Solidaridad and we learned so many helpful tips about school and our way to college and how to use our money wisely. Today has been very helpful." – Juan Ibarra