What We're Working On: De-escalation and Theory of Change

De-escalation Trainings

SAF has been working with other members of the Farmworker Advocacy Network and the Dispute Settlement Center to coordinate de-esclation trainings to prepare SAF staff, interns, and partners for outreach to farm labor camps this season. We have coordinated 3 trainings for over 100 people at the NC Farmworker Institute, Into the Fields orientation, and Farmworker Advocacy Network quarterly meeting. During the trainings, we learned basic communication techniques and how to maintain safety during labor camp visits, as well as developed safety protocols for groups to adopt.

SAF's Theory of Change

We have spent the last year assessing and improving our system for evaluation, which included an assessment of our current system, development of our Theory of Change (see below), revision of evaluation tools, and finding a new online platform to manage evaluation. We are in the process of testing the new platform with our Into the Fields program and are excited to be able to easily share our short-term outcomes with constituents. For instance, in their first full week of work, interns: 

  • talked with 9 workers about ESL, signed up 3 new workers for migrant education services, created lesson plans, and gave math lessons to a young worker
  • transported workers to a clinic and shadowed nurse practitioners, case managers, and outreach workers
  • worked with the Immigration Rights Alliance to coordinate the Faith Advocacy Day at the NC General Assembly
  • interpreted for workers, including for a worker that described sexual harassment in a poultry plant
  • conducted outreach to farm labor camps, one of which had 400 workers